Saturday, 7 March 2015

Spending Double: The Hurt 1

Waste isn't something a handful of people can stand. Instead of buying a fake, it's always advisable to get an original, no matter what it cost; only way you can have peace of mind, and not make a double trip.

My laptop had been acting funny for a long time. Didn't quite bother me because it was inherited. And when I decided to get it fixed? The stress and trouble in-between would have been better avoided by getting a new one.

It started with a trip to Abuja's version of. "Computer Village", which wasn't really helpful, as I lost a shoe in the process, and came out looking like I had just finished from some farm.

Then referrals took me to Emab (where I almost lost my life once), which turned out to be helpful, or so I thought.

"Oga this battery na original o. You no see the carton? No be China". Those guys are skilled in sugar-coating words.
Like a brainwashed human, I went ahead to pay. Excited I had left procrastinating and managed to get a much needed item, till I got home...

Itodo Abbah
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