Thursday, 30 May 2013

and then came LUST II

"M seeing someone now but can't seem to get over you, if you get serious with me, would leave him... Or u mind an open relationship?"

"Ronke, are you f*cking kidding me?" That was the nicest thing I could think to say. My anger was I had come all the way to hear the rubbish she just said, she could have saved me the stress and money wasted by telling me over the phone or bbm. *sigh*
I had the urge to leave immediately, but her pleas sorta calmed me down.

She had few errands to run and so we drove around town a while, after which we went to her house.
The look I got when I walked in almost had me turning around and bidding goodbye.
What had she told them about me?
Abi shit dey my body ni?
Anyways, I put up that killer smile of mine, said "hello" to everyone and sat.

Drinks and a meal were served but I only took the drink cos it was still sealed, make I no go chop food laced with "luff portion" begin scream Ronke name for night, Biko kwa!!!

After about an hour it was time to leave and Ronke offered to drop me off. The ride home was quiet, I tried to make conversation but she didn't bulge. Did I mention she had asked for sex again on our way to her's?
Of cos she did!!!
Since I don't appreciate beating about the bush, NO! was the answer she got.
Na so she keep face like say trailer jam am! Who cares? Na force to enter Jerusalem?

Just when I thought I had gotten rid of her for good, baby girl offered to take me to the airport the following day cos I had to be outta town for some business; and behold she turned up with her "Boyfriend", who turned out to be a long lost paddy of mine. *wicked smile* Glory!!!
Fred was excited to see me and as though he had been waiting to talk to someone, he spilled on his "relationship" with Ronke, how much of a bug and nympho she was, a total PEST! Those were his exact words, "poor boy"!
Well he finally said what I had waited to hear, it was all about her bank account for him, EPIC!!!

Sorry Ronny -that's what I call her- and of cos Fred,,,, that's all I had in my head through out my flight, two confused humans!

Anyways, Ronke and I are'nt friends anymore, not on speaking terms either. Why? She clearly doesn't know what she wants and keeps changing men like she does her sanitary pads, sad eh? "M not about friends who"lld add no value, rich or not!



Wednesday, 29 May 2013

and then came LUST!

Ronke came into my life like some huge joke, and I never quite took her serious for a long time afterwards. Yes she was nice in more ways than one, atleast that's what I thought initially.

About two years ago, someone sent me a request on my blackberry messanger and I accepted, I always give every stranger a fair chance at expressing themselves, "m nice like that.
She had gotten my pin from a friend she wouldn't mention, and since I was overly busy that saturday morning, I never cared to push it- maybe I should have.
Anyways, we gradually got acquainted and I accepted to meet with her after much persuation; my shakara is much like that, I know.
She was good looking in a geeky way, had cash (no be say I broke o) and spoke well. The latter is one major quality I always look out for in anyone I come across.

"I'lld rather we stick to being friends", Ronke had asked me out 24hrs after we officially met, Yes she did and not like I was any surprised than the day I discovered my "underarms" were getting grassy.
I don't mean to blow my trumpet, but "m good looking like that, enough to knock "honeyzzz" off their feet...
Ronke was sure disappointed at the reply she got but she tagged along and we got comfortable with each other. We stayed that way for a long time but I could sense she wasn't contented with just the friendship, she yearned for more and out of pity I was gonna indulge but...
To Be Contd.