Wednesday, 11 March 2015

#PDPGovernorsForum: "Democracy is not for Poor People" - Jonah Jang

The PDP Governors Forum Meeting held in Lagos today, and yes it was broadcast live. Twitter was abuzz with live tweets as always, and I had to go on my knees praying for electricity to be restored (as always), so I could watch proceedings (and judge first hand).

While I prayed, waited and followed happenings, speeches and rants on twitter, I couldn't help but wonder how Lagos has suddenly become a Mecca of some sort for political events. And wasn't this the first time the meeting was broadcast LIVE? I stand corrected.


Oya NEPA don bring light, make I watch.

And there I sat, LIVE tweeting like my life depended on it. As much as it was fun, and unrewarding for me, it was easy to understand and see desperation in their eyes. This was an effort at setting things right. There was nothing left unsaid.

The whole time, rival party, APC, got free advert placements from governors, as they were blamed for even power outage during the event.

OH! That's the much entry this page can take. Please search #PDPGovernorsForum on twitter for more tweets if you missed out.

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