Saturday, 25 April 2015

Instagram Career Over, What Did I Do Wrong?

Friday started on a good note. It was my day off work, so the weekend was sure gonna be fab. There was no rush out of bed, no confusion over what to wear, I was overly relaxed and calm. I love my days off work. Call me lazy, na you get your mouth.

As is usual of me (and maybe you), there's always a routine check on my social media accounts, with instagram taking center stage.

Well recently I had taken a liking to posting memes, which in turn got the response I envisioned, so it was becoming a habit, a good one at that. it's fun getting people cracking up, you can basically feel it in the number of 'hearts'.

"Aaaah! This my #shofie don get plenty likes o"
My shoe had finally made it's IG debut after weeks of ownership, and my realising "no one" had really seen it, so it was a detour from the usual memes.

Well noon came sooner, not like it would when one is at work, and I thought to do an infamous meme on IG, have fam lighten up a bit, then BOOM!

"Your account has been disabled, you cannot access it"

"Ehn? Na who I offend ooooooo???"

I tried to do a forgotten password reset, but usai! My village people had finally located me to IG!

I have tried almost everything under the sun to recover it, NONE has worked!!!
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