Sunday, 14 July 2013

all DRESSED in sadness!!!

She was clearly heart broken, I could see it in her eyes, at least that's what I guess I saw.
Natasha wanted us to give it another chance, she was willing to give me another chance, ANOTHER. CHANCE??? I don't even remember "chyking" this babe sef, what in lawd's name was she talking bout?
You kiss a girl and they suddenly assume yo" both dating? UuUuuuuuurrrrgh! This was exhausting!

Natasha called cause she needed to meet with me urgently. What I couldn't understand was her sudden decision to reach me as she had earlier ignored all my calls, sms' and even emails...
Something didn't feel right as we both sat at that table that rainy evening staring at each other. I didn't feel anything for her anymore but I just couldn't bring myself to telling her that or should I? For the first time in ages I was clearly confused about something so "easy", this was pity taking its toll.

Suddenly, the attendant of the coffee shop we were in races to the door, whispers lawd knows what to the doorman who in turn immediately shuts the door, blinds, lights and television in quick succession.
That was awkward, what was going on?
"You didn't hear the gun shot?" Natasha asked with a frightening look,,,
Gun shot ke? Niiiiiiiibo? !O_O!
I had been so lost in my thoughts to have heard anything, then I heard the next and a couple more and knew it was for real. My guess? The mall two blocks away was getting robbed.

I pulled Natasha close to me under the table, trying to comfort her as she was visibly shaking. If not for her I wouldn't have been anywhere close by or caught up in this sh!t, but it was such a wrong time to think stupid.
"We'll be fine" was all I could muster to say.

Bimpe the shop owner comes out of her office cracking like crazy.
Anyone who didn't know her would have thought she was losing it but I for one knew better than to think that.
Bimpe was someone who only cracked when it was worth it and for the few years I had known her, I hadn't seen her get all red.
"You can get up everyone, "m so sorry for the lock down, but everything is fine now. Graham, open the door and blinds pls." And she walks back into her office.

"Guy na motor exhaust fire so ooo", I just couldn't hold my self, I laughed like my whole life depended on it.
That singular statement helped lighten my mood but just when I thought I could let down my guard, Mr Hahmed my landlord rang...
"Your Apartment had just been burgled Mr. Dee"

Friday, 5 July 2013

AND conscience couldn't find a better mo'!

"Sex Education at this age? What's a child supposed to understand bout that at age 6?"
I wasn't in anyway against educating kids about sex or anything, but shouldn't that be left till when they"re like, say 9/10 years old; when the whole puberty thing kicks in?
I had too many questions which clearly no one was gonna answer, and there was nothing I could do about that, nothing whatsoever.

Michelle wouldn't let me be, she wanted an answer to her "If I had ever had sex" question.
What was I gonna say?
Yes? And get drilled further?
No? And get schooled or give reasons why I hadn't?
A 6year old had sure succeeded in putting me in a situation so uncomfortable, "distraction where art thou?"

Was I really scared a 6year old would judge me no matter the answer she got? Definitely not!!!
Thankfully her Mum got to telling me the kids were having foundation classes on "sex education" and they didn't quite have an indept understanding as to what sex really meant, YET! *sigh*

Kris wouldn't stop cracking and teasing about Michelle. I had just told her what went down babysitting the twins and it was like music to her ears.
She had rang to know how my day went and all; checking to know if I could come out for a drink which truthfully was beyond me -exhausted was the word- so I politely turned it down.

Just when I put my head in bed to get some sleep, my phone goes off, again!
Some babe who had the hots for me and I had accidently given my digs on facebook wouldn't stop calling, even in the oddest of times. It was annoying and so much of an effort acting nice to someone who wouldn't take "NO" for an answer.
But I was obviously mistaken thinking that was her as a glance at the screen showed it was Natasha, YES NATASHA!!!