Tuesday, 20 August 2013


Whoop Whoop!!!
I couldn't be more excited!
My vacation had be really craaaaaaaaaaaayZ. Just two weeks into it and I had gotten more action than some people would ever have in their lifetime, I was living the life.

Nothing that happened was really planned, I just sorta always went with the flow, YEAH!
That was so unlike me, but change which is constant sure played a fast one on me, wise b*tch - excuse my french... Buahahahahahahaaaaahahaaaa!!!
See what I mean? CHANGE!

Away from work and family, I was finally able to clear my head. I didn't realise I had been so choked till I left, damn!
No daughters of eve or stalkers....couldn't one just live this way? No distractions? *sigh*
Did I mention I switched numbers? Yes I did!
Nobody but my immediate family and best friend had access to me and I only took their calls when I wanted to.

Mum wouldn't stop breathing down the line whenever she called to "be careful" like I was some 2year old on a boat cruise.
Mothers!!! They can snuff the fun outta you with their endless lectures.

"Hi! Heard you"re in town, can we see?"
Chineke NNA! Who was this one, again?
Most times it was embarrassing to ask who was on the other side of the line but at this point I had no choice.
It was Jasmine, a friend's ex-girlfriend or should I say "sex mate", cause they were both deceiving themselves.
I had never really liked her but for Chisom, pretending was the only option I had.
Jazz (as she liked to be called) wanted to meet with me. O_o
"Hope there's no problem" I asked.

Safety first, I chose to meet with her at a fast food, whatever reason she wanted to see me for didn't matter. I was only being nice as always and I noted a warning to not be kept waiting, that sh*t was annoying!

"Hi "m Jasmine" - a guy walked up to me stretching his hand......
O_O "U say???"!!!


Saturday, 3 August 2013

on Display, WIFE MATERIAL•

Two weeks later and I still couldn't go back to my crib. I moved back to my parents temporarily. Not like it was the best of ideas, but feeling safe was more important than sleeping with my eyes open.
The burglars had left a not, "stay away, we"v got our eyes on you"....if only they'll "jejely" tell me who to stay away from, shebi I for mind myself.
*sigh* uwa diegwu!!!

"You can move here permanently if you wanna..." Mum had suggested, and no I didn't tell her bout the note left else she won't be suggesting, she"ld practically have my stuff moved before I blink.
But I could do with a little pampering, what was there to rush back to anyway?

Kris was excited having me around, she lived few blocks away, so we always saw every evening! Yes every evening I didn't quite look forward to at some point; I cherished her when our visits were spaced. Often, "ll stay back at work (like say I dey do better thing), just so "ld come late enough not to hang out.
Don't get me wrong, Kris is one FABmazing babe, but she'd started asking for more than I was willing to offer.
I cherished my freedom like crazy, so "over" committing now, or anytime soon was somewhat over-rated; make one yeye girl dey use me smoke garri, MBANU!!!
She called me anytime and everytime, "korokoro" stalking, no we didn't always have much to say and even though I was close to complaining, losing her would have had me pissed at myself.

Natasha on the other hand wasn't pushing it anymore. After the landlord had called on the night the burglars "stomped the yard", she had helped me move to mum's, and before I could even heave a sigh of relief, heard her and mum cracking up in the kitchen over lawd knows what.
Warming her way into mum's heart was really sweet, hope say na there e go just stop sha...and thankfully she went back to NYC few days after, so the coast was clear, at least I thought so till last night while "m having dinner mum goes,,,
"That ur Tasha friend is a very good girl o, and nice too..., we spoke earlier today,,, and she's truly a good wife material".