Wednesday, 18 March 2015

She Glowed My Regrets.

I am me, strong enough to withhold my feelings, keep a straight face and act like everything is okay, but today? She knocked me off my feet.

I had been standing in a mall queue, waiting to pay for picked items when I caught a glimpse of her.
Bimpe had sure changed in the over 7months since I last saw her. Why I never took her serious then left me in regret.

7 months ago: Was it the oil stain on her shirt?
Was it her terrible makeup?
Was it the fact that she laughed in a weird way?

Had I known.

Little things turn me off, but her glow sure left "junior" with a smile.

"Itodo, it's been a while, you ok?"
All I could do was smile. Bimpe, oh Bimpe!
Why didn't I love you when you begged me to?

Now she's engaged to someone, there's not a chance for me.

Itodo Abbah
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