Saturday, 21 March 2015

#theBLOKEdiaries: Dear Neighbour, No Forget Me When The PepperSoup Ready

Dear Neighbour,

Saturday started on a very funny note.
I woke up startled!

It must have been a bad dream, but can't quite place my hands on what made that happen.
I was up all night, or for most of it, thanks to the heat.
Not having clothes on didn't make it any easier. And NEPA, they are better off not existing.

Whenever I started drifting to sleep, a trickle woke me up, sweat! Lord!
The heat, so unbearable, I kept wondering how you were coping and how I could help.
Indeed, I am my brother's keeper.

Remember how I stared this morning when I said "Hello"? That was me searching to know you were okay, without asking.

How excited I was when at 3:48pm, the weather became cloudy, one thing was sure, it was gonna pour, the heavens sure heard our prayers. And pour it did. Again, I thought about you.
Indeed I am a good neighbour.

I am cold (and hungry), and thankfully, something smells good from your kitchen, like peppersoup.
Can I have a bowl? There's love in sharing you know?
Indeed you can be a good neighbour.

Attached is my bowl, please don't fill it up.
Bless your kind heart.


Itodo Abbah
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