Sunday, 19 July 2015

Open Letter to Neighbour Who Has Loud Sex, at 2A.M.

As written on Facebook by mum, Toni Jeffery,  please read below;
“A plea really – whoever was having really really loud sex last night around the Douglas Road area please consider the fact that it is very hot so everyone has their windows open. And trying to explain to a two-year-old in the early hours why the lady is ‘making funny noises’ isn’t the easiest of tasks, especially when you have to get up in a few hours for work.

#MTVMAMA2015: Peter Okoye of Psquare Strips (for the ladies)

Calm down ladies!!!

Photos: Caitlyn Jenner Goes Skintight, No Eggplant!!!

Hey! sHE's courageous,  you've gotta love HEr for that.
If I didn't know better?  Would never have guessed this used to be Bruce.
Caitlyn is sure slaying in black, and serving "tigh gap" in leather.

#MTVMAMA2015: A Nigerian Music Award Ceremony?

Is it safe to refer to the MAMA's as a Nigerian Award Ceremony?
Thats not for you to answer immediately, but ponder on, as long as you need to.
From the artists lined up to perform, to awards carted home, Nigeria sure get the BEST of the best.