Monday, 30 March 2015

#NigeriaDecides: PDP Leading in Presidential Polls Result (See Breakdown)

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) is in an early lead in votes collated so far.
See breakdown after the cut;

Shop Discounted Items for the Family this Easter on #KONGA

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Itodo Abbah

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Here's How to Get 25Million Instagram Followers the Kim Kardashian Way

We all know who Kim Kardashian is, yes? So no need for introductions. Well if you don't, she's iyawo OluKanye "Akanbi" West, the much I can say.

As one with the most followers on social media, she recently shared 5 of her 'secrets' on amassing a large "followership" on instagram.

Read below;

Saturday, 21 March 2015

#theBLOKEdiaries: Dear Neighbour, No Forget Me When The PepperSoup Ready

Dear Neighbour,

Saturday started on a very funny note.
I woke up startled!

It must have been a bad dream, but can't quite place my hands on what made that happen.
I was up all night, or for most of it, thanks to the heat.
Not having clothes on didn't make it any easier. And NEPA, they are better off not existing.

Friday, 20 March 2015

"I Will Win!!!" - President Jonathan. Speaks on Boko Haram, Chibok Girls

When asked about his fate in an interview with BBC, President Jonathan who is currently seeking re-election in the forth coming general elections barely a week away stated his confidence in winning, with a landslide.

On Boko Haram and the Chibok Girls, he is quoted as saying;

TRENDING: #BabaWhenYouGetThere- Not a Lot Left Unsaid (See TWEETS)

In a show of support for the Presidential candidate of the APC, General Buhari, the #BabaWhenYouGetThere hashtag which has gone viral on Twitter left not a lot unsaid as his supporters gave a handful of suggestions should he win the elections.

See some tweets after the cut, and feel free to add yours if you may;

Thursday, 19 March 2015

10 (NOT SO) Fun Facts Men Must Know About Themselves

Hey fellow men!!!!!!! Here are some fun facts about us, I bet you had no idea about.

1. Lousy excuse for wanting to be promiscuous, no?

2. A handful, the "others" don't care a thing.

Nigerian Army Speaks on Whereabouts of Chibok Girls

11 months after the Chibok Girls abduction by Boko Haram, the Nigerian military, battling insurgency in the northeast, has come out to say they have no news of their whereabouts.
Responding to questions by reporters on Tuesday, Lieutenant General Kenneth Minimah had the following to say;

"Fashion Police is not the same as it was with Joan Rivers" - Kathy Griffin

Kathy Griffin

Quitting E!’s Fashion Police as host, after a few shows and following Kelly Osborne’s exit, Kathy Griffin has opened up on her decision to leave the show.

Read excerpts below;

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Dolce and Gabbana Get Slammed for Supposed "Gang Bang" Ad Campaign (PHOTO)

Fashion publicist and “America’s Next Top Model” judge Kelly Cutrone took to Twitter to slam new ad campaign for Dolce and Gabbana which she termed "questionable" and resembled a "gang bang". 

Kelly Cutrone
This follows Dolce and Gabbana's comments on same sex marriage and IVF for which they received a backlash.

See ad campaign below and be the judge;

Daily Times Newspapers Declares WAR on Premium Times

This is not the best of Times for online news portal, Premium Times as they are being threatened with legal action by the management of Folio Communications Limited, owners of Daily Times of Nigeria Plc for using "TIMES" in their brand name.

In a letter sent by the latter's lawyers, they had the following to say; 
"Our client is the publisher of the Daily Times, Weekend Times, Sunday Times and Business Times amongst other newspapers and special publication.

She Glowed My Regrets.

I am me, strong enough to withhold my feelings, keep a straight face and act like everything is okay, but today? She knocked me off my feet.

I had been standing in a mall queue, waiting to pay for picked items when I caught a glimpse of her.
Bimpe had sure changed in the over 7months since I last saw her. Why I never took her serious then left me in regret.

7 months ago: Was it the oil stain on her shirt?
Was it her terrible makeup?
Was it the fact that she laughed in a weird way?

Had I known.

Little things turn me off, but her glow sure left "junior" with a smile.

"Itodo, it's been a while, you ok?"
All I could do was smile. Bimpe, oh Bimpe!
Why didn't I love you when you begged me to?

Now she's engaged to someone, there's not a chance for me.

Itodo Abbah

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Press Release: Mr. & Miss Medilag -Save A Woman Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign- 2015

EL PHAROS GROUP this year brings to the table another mind blowing event, the third and fourth edition of Mr. & Miss Medilag 2015 respectively alongside the much talked about and currently trending SAW4.0 (Save A Woman) Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign which would be on a bigger and wider scale this year especially with the support of Pink Pearl Foundation and Optimal Cancer Care Foundation.

Last year's event which was totally star packed and had the first speed-painting performance on stage ever in the College of Medicine produced winners, Fola David (Renown Speed Painter and CEO, Fola David Artworks) and Funke Faith Williams (Rising model and Fashion Designer). Fola David has gone on to actually prepare paintings of celebrities like Davido, SolidStar, Kunle Afolayan, Achieva's C.E.O and a host of others. Thanks to our sponsors, Dufil Prima Foods , ShopAmericaNG, TSC Collections and our budding sponsors this year including Pink Pearl Foundation, Etisalat Nigeria, ACTV Nigeria, TECNO Nigeria, UAC Foods, Fola David Artworks, Smile Photography, PhingerPrint Media, Mhorotti Photos, Seyifunmi Photography, Optimal Cancer Care ,TSC Collections, ShopAmericaNG, 7th Avenue Collections, Dware Outfit, TORQUE by Fits and a host of others for their support towards the events.

This year plans to be bigger as the Beauty Pageant is scheduled to hold on the 16th Of April 2015 at the New Great Hall, College Of Medicine, University Of Lagos, Lagos University Teaching Hospital, Idi Araba, Lagos, with the First Black Carpet ever in the school kicking off by 4pm and the grand event kicking off by 6PM. Celebrities to grace the beauty pageant include Kate Henshaw, Denrele Edun, Mr. Nigeria 2014, Miss Tobi Philips, Mr. Universe Tourism Nigeria 2014.

The day of the walk which is the 15th Of April 2014 would include celebrities like Femi Anikulapo Kuti, Yeni Anikulapo Kuti, Falz the Bahd Guy, Emma Nyra, Minjin, Kryptic Kidz, EFA, Diode, Slim T, Byno, Mr. Nigeria 2014, Emmanuel Ikubese, Joseph Benjamin, Timini Egbuson, Denrele Edun and more.
This years event is attracting a wider crowd (close to 5,000), beautiful and mind blowing contestants, a classy event and a show worth killing for. The MR. & MISS MEDILAG event is scheduled for 16th Of April 2015 and the SAW4.0 (Save A Woman) Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign is scheduled to hold on the 15th Of April 2015.

To foster the propagation of the SAW4.0 CAMPAIGN , the campaign is open to donations from the public as proceeds from the donations would be used to offer women Breast Cancer Screening at the Optimal Cancer Care Foundation.
Mr. & Miss Medilag 2015 is organized by El Pharos Group in conjunction with COMPSSA (College of Medicine and Pharmaceutical Science Student Association).

For Participation & Support,
Contact Vermes (08174575509, 2B3A9D0E),
Alex (08123396540)

Itodo Abbah

Saturday, 14 March 2015

Patience Jonathan Releases New "Four Track" Album.

Mama Peace while campaigning in Benin city today, didn't fail to put a smile on our faces, as always.

Read notable quotes from her below;

1. "Everybody is staying there for eight years. Now it's our turn. We must complete our eight years. It is a constitution of this country. We will complete our two tenure and hand over.

2. "I am a peaceful person and I preach peace anywhere I go. They are looking for fight, they are looking for war. They are troublesome people. That is why they went and take expired drugs.

3. "Now they are crying. They are the people stoning people and nobody talk. They are dragging stadium but me I am ready to go to the street and do my campaign.

4."They were there years back. They have nothing to offer. Ask them what they offered to us when they were there. They were in Aso Rock before, what did they forget in Aso Rock they want to go and take. Days are gone when old people will continue to dominate us".

Did you listen to her speech? Feel free to add more.

Source: Ynaija

Itodo Abbah

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

#PDPGovernorsForum: "Democracy is not for Poor People" - Jonah Jang

The PDP Governors Forum Meeting held in Lagos today, and yes it was broadcast live. Twitter was abuzz with live tweets as always, and I had to go on my knees praying for electricity to be restored (as always), so I could watch proceedings (and judge first hand).

While I prayed, waited and followed happenings, speeches and rants on twitter, I couldn't help but wonder how Lagos has suddenly become a Mecca of some sort for political events. And wasn't this the first time the meeting was broadcast LIVE? I stand corrected.


Oya NEPA don bring light, make I watch.

And there I sat, LIVE tweeting like my life depended on it. As much as it was fun, and unrewarding for me, it was easy to understand and see desperation in their eyes. This was an effort at setting things right. There was nothing left unsaid.

The whole time, rival party, APC, got free advert placements from governors, as they were blamed for even power outage during the event.

OH! That's the much entry this page can take. Please search #PDPGovernorsForum on twitter for more tweets if you missed out.

Between Dame Patience and General Buhari (PHOTO)

Na joke I dey o!

Itodo Abbah

The Twitter Crush, in Flesh.

*phone rings*

"Hi, my name is Aisha (not real name), and you just sent your number on facebook."

Then my voice deepens, as it always would when there was a lady on the other side of the phone. Trying to sound all relaxed even though I was overly excited, I listened to all she had to say. But what caught me was the fact that she had a crush me, and wasn't shy to tell. As much as I felt same way, one of us being the fool was more than enough. I was just gonna play calm and act like I was doing her a favor (or wasn't I?).

I had stumbled on her profile via a mutual friend's, and I did the only reasonable thing at the time, *Retweet a Tweet*. That gets all the attention one would ever ask.
Two days later, she was in my DM with a "Hello", and the next five had her on the telephone.

We spoke for over an hour, and you would have taught we were friends a long time. Such charm.
I was happy to get involved. What was there to lose?

What was on her avi (display picture), turned out to be an entirely different person, or was I dreaming?
We had agreed to meet at a lounge, the privacy was needed, and it was close to my office.

I walked in at 6:13pm, after an unsuccessful scan of the area, I had to ring her.
"Bae where are you, just wave or something".

What waved back was like something out a horror movie;
Terrible makeup!
Bad hair!
Bubble-gum chewing!
Stained blouse!
And worse? She was "Monochrome"! White on the face, black on the legs.


My expectations? Crumbled!!!
I was sad.

5 minutes later, I faked a call with my boss, and had to leave.
5 seconds later, my twitter account had no knowledge of her.

Good Riddance!
Itodo Abbah

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

#AMVCA2015: The Good, Bad and “Not-So-Funny”

Nigeria’s version of the Oscars held days ago, but the fun, excitement and possible frenzy is far from over.  
The very outspoken critic, Charles Novia as always had a lot to say. And have you read the Emmy Collins’ article? I literally ached from laughing.

This as usual is my diary entry, and isn’t aimed at calling anyone out, I would rather you be the judge of whatever happened (if you watched or attended).

NEPA didn’t make enjoying the show any easy for me, it was all in bits and pieces. But hey!!! Half bread is better than full chin chin, no? Twitter was a tad bit helpful in the moments of power outage with lots of handles live tweeting about the show.

My favorites in terms of best dressed were Rita Dominic, Kate Henshaw, IK Ogbonna, 

And in no particular other see some images that either wow'd me;

Rita Dominic

Ik Ogbonna

Eku Edewor


Kate Henshaw

These lot on the other hand left me tongue tied;

Susan Peters

This won't be complete without a comment on Osas Ighodaro's performance. I was stunned, and boy did i fall in love with her. Amazing talent.

Osas Ighodaro

Sunday, 8 March 2015

International Women's Day 2015: Respect and Love for Women

Life is good when you have a loving woman in your life, one who goes all out to make you smile however she can. But when there's not 1, 2, but a handful? You are sure on a roll.

Today March 8th is the International Womens' Day with theme; Empowering Women - Empowering Humanity: Picture It!"

Women are special and should be treated as such. No matter who she is, where she is from, what she does.

To all the women in my life? I love and appreciate you all.

Happy International Women's Day
Itodo Abbah

Saturday, 7 March 2015

Spending Double: The Hurt 1

Waste isn't something a handful of people can stand. Instead of buying a fake, it's always advisable to get an original, no matter what it cost; only way you can have peace of mind, and not make a double trip.

My laptop had been acting funny for a long time. Didn't quite bother me because it was inherited. And when I decided to get it fixed? The stress and trouble in-between would have been better avoided by getting a new one.

It started with a trip to Abuja's version of. "Computer Village", which wasn't really helpful, as I lost a shoe in the process, and came out looking like I had just finished from some farm.

Then referrals took me to Emab (where I almost lost my life once), which turned out to be helpful, or so I thought.

"Oga this battery na original o. You no see the carton? No be China". Those guys are skilled in sugar-coating words.
Like a brainwashed human, I went ahead to pay. Excited I had left procrastinating and managed to get a much needed item, till I got home...

Itodo Abbah