Friday, 4 December 2015

Could Aretha Franklin Be Hating on Huge Success of '25'? SHADES Adele

We all know how successful Adele's 25 has been (if you don't, then under a rock you have been), I mean we are basically still living in the 'Hello' frenzy. But the Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin in a recent interview spilled a handful of shade,
stating it was still too early to crown Adele, 'A Great Vocalist'.
“[Adele] reaches the woman of ­unrequited love, the man-that-got-away woman. There’s a tear in her voice that anyone who has ever been in love and lost is acquainted with. What sets Adele apart is her ­writing — lyrics women can relate to. But only time will tell where she stands in terms of other great vocalists of the 21st century, not sales.”

Do I agree with Aretha? NO!!!

No one would buy or subscribe to your music if you are below par, and I personally think Adele is indeed a great vocalist. 
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