Sunday, 30 June 2013


Monday morning couldn't get any worse, got served a query letter at work before which I was robbed off my wallet in a bus which thankfully had little cash in it, no I'd cards, atm cards or anything important.
Usually bus stops are always crowded that first working day of the week and annoyingly my cabbie wouldn't take my call, only option was to take a bus; did I know how? Truthfully NO! But what choice did I have? That's rhetorical by the way.

My weekend had been superb, so whatever bad was happening was definitely a carryover from where I left off -having bad times that is- cause it obviously had to get completed, I guess.
Kris and I sure had a swell time.
"Did we have sex?"
Well I can't categorically tell u that, but we sure did things way better.
"What could be better?" *shrug* Don't ask me, find out. I never kiss and tell.
That was a back and forth convo between me and an imaginary personality, my way of making myself feel better.

With the "supposed" document in hand I walked into my Boss', not leaving out the query of cause, my pity look in tow.
"Good morning ma"am", "b*tch" was sure the right word to say but then again, getting dismissed outta work? Least sexy thing "ld wish to happen at the mo.
She simply stretched, had me hand over the document and gave the "you can leave look".

Lunch break couldn't come any sooner, I was elated to be away from her presence which was choking, since she had refused to leave which was unlike her.
Elaine was a sweet person but when it was time to work? The split personality resurfaced. Creepy it was, and there was no getting used to it.
I had to find a way to get back in her good books and it wasn't that difficult to decide on what to do.

At the close of work, I headed straight for my Aunt's. She had rang earlier requesting to help babysit my six year old twin cousins (Mike & Michelle) who were no doubt a handful but my love for them, and expertise in babysitting -YES! "Ve got some awesome child handling skills, they just love me- I couldn't turn her down.
It was fun seeing "em again, they got to telling me everything at once, happenings at school, who did what, who was naughty and so on; and for someone who was tired? I took it all in. And just when I thought they were done with the reporting, Michelle with her ever innocent look goes,,,
"Uncle Dee, Have u ever had Sex?"
"Whaaaaaa Whaaaaaa What did u just say?"
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