Monday, 3 June 2013

and SEDUCTION came crawling!

The flight to Abuja was smooth, I was finally free of the conniving Ronke, Phew!
I had totally ignored the cute lady next to me and in order to make up for my obvious neglect, I offered to help with her hand luggage.
That single act won me a ride home as my cousin had totally forgotten to come get me from the airport.
We made conversation on our way and I got to know she just came into the country to visit family and attend an aunt's wedding that weekend; and that's how I got invited, for the wedding that is.

9:52am- The doorbell goes off, I rush to the door, lo & Behold, there's Natasha to pick me up, for the wedding!!!
"You are'nt ready yet?"
Snap Snap, lies come pouring about how "v got a cramped tummy and all.
In seconds she was standing real close, I could feel her breath on me and I had on just shorts and nothing else.
She put her head on my chest and slowly slid one of her hands to my crotch; "Jnr" was slightly awake, but that touch got him out his slumber in seconds.
I had bent my head to kiss her when the doorbell went off again..... WTF???

The look on my face when I opened the door was enough to pass across my irritation, it was a stranger in the area who had obviously lost his way and needed directions. That settled, we were gonna pick up from where we stopped when her mum rang to ask where she was...
*deep sigh*


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