Friday, 7 June 2013

and SEDUCTION came crawling II !!!

After she left, I rang my Uncle to ask if I could have his car for a few hours to which he agreed, SUPER!
Next was to find company, didn't wanna go all alone, so after much pleas and cajoling, Hamza agreed to tagging along and brought a friend too, three's a crowd, but who"s counting?

We got to the reception venue just as peeps were filling in, greeting each other and paring up -its clearly no fun sitting with a total stranger-, and since I had come with a few peeps of mine, we wasted no time finding a table and getting comfortable. After which I texted yours truly to tell I had finally arrived because the few hours from when she left my crib, till I finally left for the reception, she rang me countless, and I kept reassuring I wouldn't miss it for anything in the world. *Yimu*

Ten Minutes later, three people -2 ladies and a guy- occupied the remaining seats on my table, what really caught my attention and had me look up from my phone was one of them's cologne, it was that powerful to get a nod from me. So I was nice enough to exchange pleasantries, we shook hands and got talking.
One of the two ladies shoke my hand in a funny way by tickling my palm with a finger, whatever that meant and no it didn't stop at that, she kept stepping on my foot under the table.
Hamza must have noticed my discomfort as he asked if I was ok, but I simply gave the excuse of my tummy cramps reoccuring and the urgent need to use the bathroom.
I alerted Natasha who thankfully was lodged in the same hotel and offered to escort me to her room to relieve myself but I declined, didn't want anyone thinking otherwise; simply got her key card & room number and found my way.
Little did I know "tickle, matchy" lady, whose name I got to know afterwards as Vivian was watching me closely and had a sneaky scheme.

With no idea how she did it as I hadn't noticed anyone following me, Vivian pounced on me immediately I walked in Natasha's. To say I wasn't scared to be taken so unawares would be a huge lie.
I was still trying to make sense of what in lawd's name she was doing there when she grabbed my buckle. Gbese!!!
She kept tugging at it to free me of my pants when Natasha walks in, of cos the room door was ajar and so she didn't have to knock to be let it.
The look on her face, GOSH!!!


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