Friday, 14 June 2013

lose to win: the CHERRY on top!

"Its not what you think Tasha" I said aloud while running after her, she had clearly caught me in a compromising position with that "olodo" girl, "enemy of progress".
How was I gonna prove to her I wasn't guilty, as I had even refused her escort to the room. Phew!
Women and wahala. Not like I really blame her, but she hardly knew me enough to trust me one bit.

As I straightened up while waiting for the elevator, I heard someone call out to me, must have been my mind playing games so I didn't react in anyway. I was forced to look up when the call became persistent only to find out it was Banke- OMG, the FABmazing Banke!!!

At first sight, Banke has got a likeable personality. Not only is she nice and sincere, but also blunt and truthful.
We had first met at a mall some rainy evening when she had trouble getting to her car cos she obviously didn't wanna mess her hair and loubs I guess. Since I had an umbrella (big enough for only one person), I offered to walk her and annoyingly got beat by the rain, YES O! Rain mama me, kawai!
Not like I felt bad, but the fact that she didn't offer to drop me off someplace had me regretting my action!

Two weeks later, "m all sitted alone, having lunch when someone walks over, taps me and says "HI"..., I simply looked up, smiled (cos "v been warned not to talk with food in my mouth) and continued with my food.
She pulls out a chair, sits and goes, "Don't you remember me?"
Well of cos I did, who"lld forget a face so pretty, but "omo guy" had to form like he had no idea, after which I feign remembrance and go all smiley.
We talked and got acquainted.

So, seeing her again after my mood just got ruined really lightend me up, we hugged and kissed, YES WE DID!!!
I didn't see that coming, she just stuck her mouth on mine and it happened, and yes "m glad she did.
Afterwards, we took the elevator to the hotel's bar for drinks, going back to that wedding reception was so out of it so I sms'd my buddy to tell I wasn't coming back, he could go home without me as I was gonna explain everything to him on a later date.

Banke and I talked for an hour straight without touching our drinks, she let me into secrets she wouldn't let anyone else easily. I don't mean to brag, but "ve got that special thing that gets people spilling and telling things.
Anyways, she had just come out of an abusive relationship and needed time to get herself together. Hearing her story really got me pissed at the guy who"d treat a lady that bad but nonetheless, she was out and that was a good thing
There wasn't much to tell bout me, she overheard me begging Tasha and that's what practically brought her out her room, so I only had to tell what led to the "begging scene", LOL!!!

The three hours spent talking was really worth it, we practically felt better, that much I could see in her eyes, and thankfully she voiced it out too.

It was time to go as my uncle rang to say he needed his car back.
I walked "B" to her room and was driving out the hotel when a text came into my phone;

"I Love u, wuld you be mine? " - Banky

Jesu! Jamb Question ti de'!!!


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