Thursday, 27 June 2013

"Kill Joy" Defeated.

No, No, NoooooooooOOOOOOO!!!
My freaking phone just crashed! Wait! Really???
*puzzled look*
I had a date with Kris in a few hours and now reaching her or vice versa would be a hell of a job.
What to do? What to do??

We spoke for a while over drinks before I got towed outta the club. The fact that we had danced our knickers out didn't deter us. Kris was good company as she didn't fail to crack me up like crazy to the extent I was scared of peeing in my pants.
I sure had a good time and didn't wanna let go just like that on level one. *wink*
But she beat me to it, she suggested dinner over the weekend. *TOOTHY GRIN*

"I thought you'll never come", she had already ordered a drink when I found the table. If only this babe sabi the kind wahala wey this "date" don make me go through.
Standing someone up -especially someone as warm as Kris- isn't something I"lld ever forgive myself for doing.

After I restored my phone's backup and found the text containing the address of the restaurant we agreed to meet, no longer felt bad on the amount the phone technician charged in flashing; dude sure ripped me as desperation was evidently written all over me.

"Pls don't be mad, "ve got this", I tried to feign an angry face (even though my joy knew no bounds) after she beat me to paying the bills when the waiter came over. She patted my hand from across the table and gave me "that" wink, EPIC!!!
This evening was sure going to end in a FABmazing way. *dances invincible kokoma*.

Few blocks away from my crib, her Royal Majesty rings, Iya Agba of gbo gbo aye, my ever demanding Boss who wouldn't lemme be even for the weekend.
"Where's the document I asked you to prep and send?" If only she could see the look on my face, I was pissed beyond measure. Kris who was riding in same cab with me cause we were gonna spend some time at mine was confused at my sudden change in attitude.
"Babe? Mind if we do this some other time? Got some work to do". She was obviously disappointed, it was written all over. On a second thought, "screw my boss" and I switched off my phone.
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