Sunday, 23 June 2013

the SATISFACTION "inbetween"•••

"Hello Banke, how u doing?"
From the tone of her voice, she was clearly sad, and it wasn't the right time for me to get all emo' with her, I had work to do. I was exhausted, sleepy and irritated at the same time, it was such a wrong time for her to have called.
"You havnt replied my message" she said, "what message?" I asked in confusion.
All she did was sigh, and asked to ring me later, she must have sensed my irritation; Good Girl!
"Talk to you later then", nicest thing I could think to say.

The happenings of the past two weeks had really gotten to me more than I thought they would. The numerous meetings I had to keep up with, errands I had to run, calls and appointments,,, it had been super craaaaaAazy; and the "phone call"? *head bowed*, that came a couple more times. Funny thing is I had gotten somewhat used to it. It was pointless to have been continually freaked by some lunatic who couldn't make more than a sentence, but that didn't stop me from being extra careful.
I had an alarm system installed and the locks on all my doors changed, make I no later begin sing "had I known"! Biko kwa!

Damn!!! It just hit me I had promised my pals I would hang with "em. It was friday and Jean had called earlier to pen my name in for a hangout at a club or clubs, depending on the mood of the evening and I had totally agreed, without thinking of cos.
I hadn't seen him or the clique (Fred, Kola, Trevor, Kevwe) in about a month.
A MONTH??? Strange!!! I hadn't partied in a month. This wasn't me, what had this "alien" done to me?
A normal friday never passed without me getting all jiggy. Had loads of catching up tonight.

At 11:30pm, Jean rang to say he was couple'a blocks away and would be at mine in no time to pick me up.
What was with him and the sudden "british" accent? Last I checked he visited S.A. for a two week vacation, and the accent suddenly manifested? Least of my worries -for now of cos- all I wanted to do was have fun, and..., well HAVE FUN!

On my fourth glass of cream soda and in the third club we visited that night, Trevor suggested we'd had enough for the evening and suggested we go home.
Initially I was gonna protest, but remembered I had to be at the office later that day, so I told myself to shut up. I obviously. Couldn't catch up on "everything" I had supposedly missed out on but I sure rocked the dance floor of the clubs we stepped in and made a handful of friends, some very cool ones amongst which was Kris.

I had first noticed her as we walked into CUBANA, some newbie in the city, it was unusually filled with humans who I must say had no idea what the word boring meant.
We danced together, and when we finally took a break?


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