Monday, 17 June 2013

lose to win; the SCARE inbetween...

I woke up startled, something must have scared the sh*t outta me, the wall clock said 2:56am, it was too early to start my day, and I was somewhat shaky going back to sleep.

A few hours ago, I received a call from an unknown number. I usually do not take calls from numbers not registered on my phone, but I felt the urge to take that very one.
"Stay away from her" was all the voice said until the call dropped.
Stay away from who??? That question never got an answer and t"was in my head till I drifted to sleep.

Yes I remember, I was having a nightmare where some strange figure was chasing me with some weapon and screaming the same words- "STAY AWAY FROM HER!!!", until I woke up.
Hmmm, my enemies are at work, I guess.
Well I got on my knees, said a prayer and went to the study to do some work.

I had a deadline to turn in an article the next week, and I hadn't even typed a single word.
I could virtually see my boss giving me some shitty look having an excuse for been late asides breaking both hands and having glass in my eyes. SMH!!!

I looked at the wall clock and it was 8:16am, LAWD! I had an appointment for 9am and exactly 44minutes to put myself in shape, make it through traffic and still look human when I get there, if I ever do in time.
I still hadn't written a word of my supposed article as I had slept off minutes after I sat back to think on how to get started.

Whoever called me the previous night had sure scared the sh*t outta me really, cause I practically tip-toed through the stairs and when a cat "meowed" in the process, I freaked out, more like my heart practically sought for freedom to hike out my body; Lord help me!!!

"Driver! Can u step on it some more, PLS?"
He simply gave that "how much you dey pay way you dey hazzle me" look, I just said a silent prayer cause missing this appointment would earn me a query from "Lady Morgana" herself, my almighty boss, I was her stand in as she was outta town at the mo'.
Thankfully I got in when everyone was being ushered into the conference room, and just then my phone rang and without looking at the screen I picked::::::::::
"Ve got my eyes on you, stay away from her" the voice on the otherside said,
"Stay away from who?" I asked!
"Don't play coy with me Mr, just do as you're told" and mystery man hung up.
I had to many "her's" in my life to know which in particular, if it was any of "em and not some prank call.


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