Friday, 16 October 2015

Cynthia Morgan Shades The HECK Out Of Caroline Ekanem "Danjuma" on Instagram

Few days ago, Cynthia Morgan released the above photos in anticipation of her single, 'Baby Mama'.

For some it was art while for a handful it was 'child abuse' as she had a cigar lit while carrying the baby.

Among those who shared their displeasure was Caroline Ekanem, which Cynthia Morgan did find funny hence her response via Instagram below;

"All your yarns is all...Kruzzzz for me#i swear I love u guys.I Cynthia Ik Morgan in this picture...playing both characters as "Rita and "Cynthia"in these pictures.I don't Even Smoke Nor Drink In Real Life😂...So save your words for yourselves...ThAnkyou Miss Caroline.We all love kids and want no harm near don't love kids more than I do "Madam"but that Dosent change the world which these kids are in the hands of a bad baby mama(who isn't ready)FYI that is what this picture crucify a picture without settling down to even should be way smarter than that...why don't you go house to house to see young couples doing drugs right before their kids...I just reached out to the whole world with this one simple act of Art...Those who can connect with it "cool"if you can't???Go back to school...and my music "Baby Mama" is/will change lives of young people....which yA'al these celebrities is making it look cool to them,that being a baby mama/daddy is the new swag..And then again the only Danjuma I know is "Daisy"So remind me,who are you again?"

Who are you again? Really Cynthia?
Somebody cannot play witb you again! LOL...
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