Sunday, 9 February 2014

Sunday Sunday Tonic - Another day to show-off?

It's sunday, another holy day to commune and fellowship with brethren, and for some people, show off new and supposedly expensive belongings -shoes, clothes- depending on their area of expertise or need for attention.

My hair gets me all the attention I want, atleast "ve made myself believe that, hence getting a shave every saturday has become a necessity. LoL!

7:42am, and I was still in bed and super sluggish to hit the showers in preparation for an 8am service.
My excuse? Not enough cash for offering! Good enough, non?

Well, service went good, I got that word needed for the week and though I got there a lil late, I didn't let some flimsy excuse bar me from getting blessed, refreshed and revitalized.
It was awesome being in his presence.

Bottomline, whenever you have the chance to be in the midst of brethren to fellowship, be excited and expectant, you never know, you just never know how transforming and elevating that Word from God can be.

Have an awesome week!


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