Sunday, 19 July 2015

Open Letter to Neighbour Who Has Loud Sex, at 2A.M.

As written on Facebook by mum, Toni Jeffery,  please read below;
“A plea really – whoever was having really really loud sex last night around the Douglas Road area please consider the fact that it is very hot so everyone has their windows open. And trying to explain to a two-year-old in the early hours why the lady is ‘making funny noises’ isn’t the easiest of tasks, especially when you have to get up in a few hours for work.

I don’t for one minute mean that people shouldn’t have a good time, but if I were to stand outside their windows in the small hours banging a drum I’m sure they would be annoyed, but it’s the same level of inconsideration. I just asked for people to be considerate, as I’m sure most of us are.”
Dear Neighbour, please be considerate, okay?  At least for the sake of the two year old, and many others you are disgusted.